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Looking for a fun and educational way to inspire your child's imagination? Look no further than our subscription letter service featuring Molly the dog!


Molly is a lovable and adventurous pup who loves to travel around Australia and share her experiences with children aged 3-6 through her letters. Each month, your child will receive a new letter from Molly, detailing her latest adventures and discoveries.


With Molly as their guide, your child will learn about different places, animals, and cultures, all while developing important skills like reading and writing. Each letter is filled with engaging stories and colorful illustrations that will keep your child entertained and excited to learn.


And the best part? Molly's letters are personalized to your child's name, making them feel like they're truly part of the adventure.


So why not give your child the gift of adventure and imagination with Molly's letter subscription service? Sign up today and let the journey begin!


Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Payment Plan
Pay per month
$20.00every month until canceled
  • Family and Child Consultants work with OOHC Agencies to ensure that privacy and considentiality are ensured.  Each month a letter, a Pre paid envelope and an electronic copy of the letter can be sent to the young persons OOHC Agency to be forward to the YP and the electronic file be kept for future record.

    Alternatively Family and Child Consultants can mail direcrly to the young person.

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