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How to grieve my relationship and co-parent


This course delves into the emotional terrain of grieving the end of a relationship and provides practical guidance on establishing a healthy co-parenting relationship. We address the various aspects involved in this journey, focusing on both the well-being of children and parents. By exploring topics such as grief after separation, coparenting dynamics, self-care, and breaking generational cycles, we aim to empower you to navigate this transformative period with resilience and compassion. Key Topics Covered in the Course: The Process of Grief After Separation: Understand the stages of grief and learn strategies to navigate the emotional roller coaster. Coparenting: The essential principles and strategies of successful coparenting. Kids and Parents in Focus: The importance of keeping children's well-being at the forefront of the co-parenting journey. Practical Coparenting: Dive into practical aspects of coparenting Through a combination of expert insights, case studies, and self-reflection, this course aims to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to navigate the grieving process, establish effective co-parenting practices, and create a positive and nurturing environment for yourself and your children. Each participant receives a certificate of completion which can assist in legal proceedings.

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